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BSB Number : 633-106

BSB Number 633-106 is a unique code assigned to Bendigo Bank (BBL), Bendigo, The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo, 3550. BSB Number 633-106 is used for transferring money to Bendigo Bank (BBL) accounts.

BSB stands for Bank State Branch. BSB Code is 6 digit number, 2 pairs of 3 digits seperated with hypen "-". BSB numbers are used to identifies banks and branches within Australia. The first 2 numbers are used to indentify the parent financial institution in Australia. The third number represents the state where bank branch is located. Last 3 numbers represents perticular financial institution branch.

BSB number of receiving account is must when transfering money to any thrid party account.

BSB NumberBankBranchCityAddress
633-106Bendigo Bank (BBL)Bendigo DRA'sBendigoThe Bendigo Centre, Bendigo, 3550

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